Possibility provides practically unlimited innovative furniture which is of highest quality, is competitively priced, and designed for 21st century learning curated by K12 education expert manufacturers, with a lean process and quick turnaround time.

Possibility’s global network of world-class plants enables us to provide a wide range of products that are aesthetically designed, sturdy, and at par with the best in class. Our customers benefit from Possibility’s high-quality monitoring process, short lead times and globally competitive prices. We source from best manufacturing processes, capacities and services from world-class plants. We are making global sourcing of products focussed on schools’ setup seamless, including for classroom setup, activity rooms, school reception, offices, staff rooms, library, laboratories and others.

We have a goal to provide reliable and predictable supply of high-quality products to schools across India and the world, without the hassle of identifying suppliers, haggling or barriers.

How do we work
We function with a global supplier network, with a special expertise in India, China and South-East Asia and have the capability to handle a wide variety of requirements for Schools. For premium projects, we start from prototyping all the way into production.

Possibility has helped with design, detailing, setup of 40+ schools pan-India over the last 8 years on an advisory, execution and handholding capacity already.

Our suppliers undergo rigorous supplier evaluations across quality, experience, infrastructure and skills before they become a supplier to our preferred network. We follow this up with routine inspections and audits to ensure suppliers stay current with best practices and latest technology towards school setup.

Value proposition
a) On-time delivery
b) High-quality products
c) Strong project management
d) Complete transparency in quality, manufacturing process, delivery, and pricing

Possibility is pioneering the future of Schools setup to deliver a consistent experience, that will create a wow factor for all stakeholders: management, teachers, students and their parents.

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